About Roderick Millington

I am a qualified hypnotherapist, gaining accreditation through the Institute of Analytical Hypnotherapists back in 1986 with Neil French, probably the world's foremost teacher of hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis. In fact, he is commonly credited with having created the concept of 'free association hypno-analysis', bringing Freudian psychoanalysis into the 20th/21st century and relief to many thousands of people worldwide. 


I developed Meta Speech long after qualifying as a hypnotherapist; in fact as recently as 2005, when I suddenly found myself having a conversation with my father (two years after he passed away). I also qualified as a Certified Reverse Speech Investigator with the Reverse Speech Education Division in Australia in 2004, whilst simultaneously developing my mediumistic gifts in order to be able to lay down spirit voices (through the use of Meta Speech) on ‘tape’.  To assist with this, I have studied with the internationally renowned spiritual medium, teacher and million-selling author James Van Praagh. 

It is important to point out that I offer no dogma or declaration of belief, having enjoyed a variety of life experiences and spiritual practices. As a Meta Speech practitioner I am committed to investigation of the spiritual realms and assisting people along their spiritual paths. This covers a broad spectrum of exploration and discovery, helping those with a fear or death, people who are going through bereavement, individuals who are having spontaneous psychic experiences and would like to understand them more, past life research, and of course those folk who are simply looking for proof that they are more than their physical bodies.

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