We died ... we got born

December 31, 2013



Listen to a spirit explain that death is just a rebirth into another realm of consciousness: “We died, we got born.”


Following the death of an old friend, Albert Einstein proclaimed: "Now Besso has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us ... know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."


Evidence continues to suggest that Einstein was right, death is an illusion.


In 2013, for instance, Professor Robert Lanza claimed that the answer to life after death lies in quantum physics – in particular, the theory of biocentrism. Lanza, from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina, says the evidence lies in the understanding that our belief in death is a mere figment of our consciousness.


Lanza says biocentrism explains that the universe only exists because of an individual’s consciousness of it; in essence, life and biology are central to reality, which in turn creates the universe; the universe itself does not create life. The same applies to the concepts of space and time, which Lanza describes as “simply tools of the mind.”


In a message posted on his website, Lanza explains that with this hypothesis in mind, the concept of death as we know it “cannot exist in any real sense” as there are no true boundaries by which to define it. Essentially, the idea of dying is something we have long been taught to accept, but in reality it just exists in our minds.


“To the well-organised mind, death is but the next great adventure,” J.K. Rowling wrote in ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’.  And she was right. We die ... we get born.



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