Leaving Organ There was More Human

January 9, 2014



Research shows that religion is often a barrier to people agreeing to organ donation because they feel their faith doesn't allow it, particularly amongst black Africans and Muslim communities. With this in mind, in 2013 leaders from the UK's major faiths launched a new strategy to encourage members of religious communities to donate their organs.


In partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT), religious leaders have developed the Faith Engagement and Organ Donation Plan, which involves a range of initiatives to urge followers to actively support donation schemes. And if you listen to the attached sound clip, you will see that the spirit world fully supports this initiative.


The spirit voice you can hear we shall call Ben (name changed for client confidentiality), a man in his 40s who died of an aneurism in 2003. Following his death, Ben’s family were approached by doctors asking if they could use his kidneys for a badly needed transplant. The family did not really know what Ben’s wishes would be, but after much inner searching and deliberation they decided to give the go-ahead. Ben himself came through a few years later to proclaim “leaving organ there was more human.” It was the right thing to do and Ben had given his blessing. 









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