Pax …. Investigating a Past Life in 17th Century Sicily

In one of the most thought-provoking works on reincarnation ever written, Roderick Millington, a writer, spiritual hypnotherapist and founder of Meta Speech, accomplishes what few past life investigators have before – he tracks down and visits the locations of a previous existence in 17th century Sicily.


This was achieved without hypnotic regression. Instead, he was led spiritually to two sites by Meta Speech (inter-dimensional trans-communication), a highly gifted psychic medium, and a long-dead Benedictine monk.


Join Roderick as he puts the pieces of the jigsaw together and then flies out to explore an ancient fishing village and a Benedictine monastery at the foot of Mount Etna, discovering first-hand what it means to heal ourselves of physical illness and emotional trauma.

Pax is available for £6.95 incl. P&P. Payment can be made via PayPal  on the Contact page. Alternatively, get in touch through the Contact Box if you wish to pay by cheque, cash, or electronic bank transfer.

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