A Life-Changing Approach to Spirituality that is Far Different - and More Exciting - than Anything Else You May Previously Have Encountered

Meta Speech is a spiritual process, but it is also rooted firmly in day-to-day reality.  It can inspire even the greatest sceptics to consider the possibility that we are all eternal beings. You do not need your imagination to experience it.


Higher Self


This is the real you – your soul. Communicating with your higher self can provide deep healing on all levels, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.


Spirit Guides


These are spirits that you know from other lives, frequently part of your soul group, who are here to assist you with the goals and lessons you came into this incarnation to undertake. I have been aware of my main spirit guide for 34 years, a Benedictine monk, and have a number of Reverse Speech and ITC messages that talk about him, where, amongst other things, he is described as 'author and minister'.


Family and Friends


Although they have passed on, many family members and friends are still here with you on the spiritual level, supporting you in a variety of ways. ​“Thank God, I walk without them pills,” was the very first 'voice' I picked up, and it made perfect sense to me. My father, for the last 10 years of his life, had been crippled with arthritis, not to mention heart failure, stomach problems and other associated medical curiosities. This was obviously no longer the case. He was dead. However, I was quickly to discover that he was still conscious …  and happy to talk.





* Further examples of spirit communication can be heard on the Blog page.


The answer to this frequently asked question is 'sometimes, yes'. However, overall the voices do not resemble the voice of the deceased human they purport to belong to.

The reason for this is quite simple. Although the deceased person is the same as the one who walked the earth, they obviously do not have the same voice box and other physical faculties.

Nevertheless, they do attempt to synthesize their voices (and are sometimes successful), but frequently can't quite pull it off. On occasion, the voices even appear to be robotic because they are in actuality synthetic, being produced by the spirit world so that we may hear them. As one voice proclaimed: "This is the voice of effort!"

Consequently, it is the message that must be focused on, and that is often a life-changing experience.

Will I recognise the Voices?

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