A Life-Changing Approach to Spiritual Warfare that is Far More Convincing than Anything Else You May Previously Have Encountered

For our contention is not with the blood and the flesh, but with dominion, with authority, with the blind rulers of this life, with the Spirit of Evil in things heavenly (Ephesians 6:12)



All of the voices in 'The Devil's Playground' derive from Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), which is simply the electronic recording, by tape machine or computer, of a disembodied voice. Typically, until the recording is played or studied, no voice can be heard. It is a phenomenon that has been investigated for many years and by many prominent people.


There is no doubt that EVP is the best evidence for communication that exists right now in the paranormal field. Yet most researchers refuse to accept that it can also be the Devil's Playground and those who do often choose to ignore the fact. It is far too exciting a phenomenon to let Satan get in the way!


However, I do realise that accepting such a premise will make the blood slide through your veins like old needles. Yet the fact is that around 20% of all EVP voices I have recorded over the past 15 years have been frightening, crude, and threatening, or to put it another way, demonic. 












Increasingly nowadays people are meddling with things they have only ever seen in the movies or have read about in a book. Surround yourself with negative words and thoughts for a long enough time, or listen to music that in many cases puts Satan on a pedestal, and you will attract the demonic. There are better things to do. Do them!

Ultimately, if you can't control yourself, then something else will. I can't underline too strongly that Satan exists, and he's busy/

Do Not Mess With Things You Do Not Understand

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