Are You Ready to Unlock Your True Potential and Build a Bridge to Your Loved Ones in the Spirit World, as well as Building the Most Important Bridge of All … to Your Own Soul?

Combining Mediumship and Inter-Dimensional Trans-Communication, Meta Speech is all about accessing the wisdom of our higher self in a process of discovery and insight. It is also about making contact with those who have passed over, as well as spirit guides and other etheric entities, with their advice and wisdom allowing clients to break through blocks and barriers and find their true purpose in life. 


And it is important to point out that the voices can actually be heard; there is no need to rely upon the interpretation of a third party. The voices are clear and supplied on a memory stick so that they can be listened to again and again.


This is an area of exploration open to anyone who seeks profound transformation and change. And whether you decide to explore this work for the purpose of healing, for clarity and insight into particular facets of your life, for past-life investigation, or simply through curiosity, the results are empowering and transformative.

© 2013 by Roderick Millington 

Burton-on-Trent & Loughborough